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Glorifying IRC

October 8, 2014

Getting myself to learn or do something interesting to make self smarter isn’t always just that easy. Motivation comes from ever learning more and, unless one’s been crunching at it the last couple of days, the will only weakens.

What I can do to get some motivation though, is to find a problem that tickles one’s mind enough to feel like one’s got an answer at the tip of one’s tounge, although that might not always be the case, as it later might turn out.

Whenever one’s being far from the answer, it always helps to communally chatter1… or think together with someone!

In those cases, IRC always is right around the corner, specifically irc.freenode.net and its channels. It has done wonders with my english, programming skills, boredom and helped me with numerous things. #haskell has always been very inspirational and motivating, ##asm has helped me with this.

The lines never stop coming, curiosity doesn’t cease flowing. Free access to so many welcoming enthusiasts of all areas, users who are basically donating their time as educators and have made me a smarter, technically more capable person.

That’s what I like about it; why I think it’s worth being glorified…

Power and glory to the virtual communities of free minds!

  1. It is actually a verb too.↩︎